How To Start Practicing


  1. Download the Archery Vision app on the App Store here:

  2. After opening Archery Vision, you can begin shooting once you see yourself on the screen with green lines tracking your arms and head. Refer to the "Getting the Best Results" section below on how you should position yourself.

  3. Once you have shot, the app will detect your shot, and begin replaying it continuously. You can activate the "Slo-mo" option at the top left of the screen. (Red means on, gray means off) You can also manually play through the video by tapping on the video and dragging through the video controller. Refer to the images on the right.

  4. When you are satisfied, you can shoot again! No need to touch anything. Archery Vision will detect you once you reach full draw and create a new replay once you have shot again.

Archery Vision app

Getting the Best Results

There are many ways to optimize Archery Vision's pose estimation algorithm:

  1. Avoid having multiple people in the video frame. The program can get confused with which person to look at especially when someone stands to the side or behind you as you shoot.

  2. Make sure your entire upper body is within the frame. This includes the head and both arms. Try to "fill" the frame as much as you can. This helps the pose estimation algorithm detect your body parts easier.

  3. Make sure you are in sufficient lighting. Dark body parts are often harder for the algorithm to detect.

  4. Try to shoot with your best form! The better the shot, the easier it is for the program to detect your shot.

Dylan Soong Archery Vision

One Person In Frame ✅

"Fill" The Frame ✅

Good Lighting ✅

A good example of how you should be positioned.