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Automatically Replay Your Shots

Archery Vision is a mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to detect your shot from full draw to follow-through and will replay the shot continuously until you shoot again. All automated.

Enhanced Training Features

Archery Vision is equipped with slo-motion and video player controls to make your shot analysis easy and precise.

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Dylan Soong archery

About Me

Hi, my name is Dylan Soong. I have been a competitive archer for nine years. I created Archery Vision to make independent practice in archery more efficient and effective.

How Did It Start?

I have been researching the use of artificial intelligence to evaluate archery form for the past three and a half years. I submitted my first version of the project to a district science fair in my freshman year. After advancing to the state level, I was motivated to improve the device and over the following years it has evolved into the Archery Vision app.

Dylan Soong AI Archery Research

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